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If the spouse/partner's means exceed €76.18 then the means are halved.

If the claimant does not qualify for full increase in respect of a qualified adult (e.g.

PART 1: ENTITLEMENT Description of Scheme Information Leaflet Legislation Administration Qualifying Conditions in Summary Qualifying Conditions in Detail Assessment of Means where claimant has spouse/civil partner/cohabitant Maintenance from former spouse/civil partner/cohabitant Special Saver Category Disqualifications Rules Residence in an Institution Absence from the State, Imprisonment, Late claims Rates Structure Increase for Qualified Adult Increase for Qualified Child Extra Benefits Living Alone Increase Telephone Support Allowance Increase for Living on a Specified Island Overlapping Provisions PART 2: CLAIMS, INVESTIGATION AND DECISION PROCEDURES Claims Late Claims Documentation Investigation of Claim Decisions Appeals PART 3: PROCEDURES FOLLOWING AWARD Payment Arrears Duration of Payment Maintenance Lost book action Certification of ongoing Entitlement Education and Employment while on Disability Allowance Review Suspension of Payment Credits Retention/Destruction of Documents Disability Allowance is a means-tested payment for people with a specified disability whose income falls below certain limits and who are aged between 16 and under 66.

The scheme was introduced on 2 October 1996 and replaced the Disabled Person's Maintenance Allowance which was administered by the Health Boards.

An 'institution' for this purpose means a hospital, convalescent home or home for persons suffering from physical or mental disability or ancillary accommodation, nursing home for the care and maintenance of dependent elderly people and any other establishment providing residence, maintenance or care where the cost of a person's maintenance therein is being met in whole or in part by or on behalf of the Health Service Executive.

The definition does not include, however, community based houses or hostels, sometimes called "Low Support Hostels" funded or approved by the Health Service Executive.

People in residential care who had been receiving half rate Disability Allowance will be paid at full rate from .

After 1 August 1999 persons who were in receipt of the holiday payment for 3 consecutive weeks are being put onto full rate Disability Allowance on return to the institution.

The period on holidays must be of at least 3 consecutive weeks.Where the spouse/civil partner/cohabitant is in receipt of a social welfare payment in their own right other than half-rate Carer’s Allowance, Disablement Benefit, Family Income Supplement or Child Benefit or is participating on certain approved course(s), where the rate of allowance payable is equivalent to the maximum rate of Jobseeker's Allowance, the means will be halved and will be deducted from the maximum personal rate and half qualified child(ren) rate to arrive at the weekly rate of Disability Allowance payable.Under the new means assessment arrangements introduced from 26 September 2007, spouse's/civil partner's/cohabitant's earnings are calculated as gross earnings less PRSI, Superannuation and Union dues (since March 2009 pension levies are also deducted).The Departmental Medical Assessors may give an opinion on the evidence submitted as to the nature and extent of the disability and its effect on the person's capacity to work.Age For the purposes of Disability Allowance, means are calculated in accordance with Part 2 of the Schedule 3 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 as amended.(See guidelines on 'Means Assessment'' and 'Farm Means') Habitual Residence From 1st May 2004 anyone regardless of nationality, making a claim for Disability Allowance, is required to satisfy a habitual residence condition (HRC).

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the spouse/civil partner/cohabitant is in receipt of a SW payment) or is only entitled to a reduced rate of increase in respect of a qualified adult (e.g.

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