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As is the case with most TV providers, you gotta sign up for a contract to get the best deal.

What’s cool about DISH is that it gives you the option to live without a contract—without a code.

Depending on your package choice and add-ons, DISH will probably end up being cheaper by the end of the two-year deal for you.

Those two providers cover most of the country, so if you want to bundle DISH with internet, you’ve got the choice.

None of that “only one discount at a time” thing for you!

Aim for a bundle deal that saves you at least a month.

You get what you pay for, and your monthly bill should stay the same.

Don’t you feel better knowing you’ll get your sports fix, Joanna Gaines fix, and Guy Fieri fix with even the most basic channel package? To find out what truly sets each DISH channel package apart, you’ll want to take a gander at the full channel list.

The slightly more prestigious channels will be on the more expensive packages.

For example, BBC America and NBA TV are only on America’s Top 200 package and above.

Bloomberg Television and MTV Classics, similarly, are found only on America’s Top 250.

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The package you choose depends entirely on your TV tastes.

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