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Anyway, she comes back to her class to find Spike has taken over and inspired the students to worship him. The CMC waste the entire first act on selfish ways of getting their big sisters to let them attend (refusing to do their chores, nagging loudly, interrupting them while teaching) and faking a friendship quarrel that even Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy find odd.

Then we get to the introduction of Cozy Glow, a pegasus filly who's new in Ponyville and doesn't know anypony.

Anyway, Nicole Dubac, one of the co story editors for this season wrote this episode.

She previously worked alongside Josh Haber to write "Shadow Play", but her biggest writing credentials are for the Ponyville Mysteries series alongside Mike Vogel.

The CMC then somehow sneak into Twilight's class as she's giving a lecture on friendship through the ages.

Twilight leaves Spike to teach the class, while she talks to the CMC.

And that's the story, so what do I think of the episode? It's not quite as appalling as "Non-Compete Clause" where Rainbow Dash and Applejack were so hyper competitive that they didn't even bat an eye when one of their students almost drowned on their watch! Had Twilight simply told the CMC from the start what Starlight reveals, the entire conflict could've been avoided.

Cozy Glow gets an A on her homework, but then she reveals there's a big friendship test coming up and she needs help studying.Despite there being no evidence to prove this claim otherwise.It's even more insulting when you remember that Twilight in previous seasons was like a big sister figure to them, and even briefly tutored them.In the end, I give this episode an E, putting it above "Non-Compete Clause" but below "Fake It 'Til You Make It" which as frustrating as it could be, in the grand scheme of things it's harmless.The kind of damage this episode has done, may never truly be undone!

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