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They describe the loneliness, jealousy, frustration, doubt, and unfairness that they feel when they are putting in great effort to find love and their attempts are unmet, especially when they compare themselves to others who are in relationships. Although no situation or person is identical and I am a huge believer in the power of timing, I’ve compiled five common reasons why you might be chronically single or have trouble maintaining a healthy relationship.I’ve seen and heard these reasons firsthand from my clients. You might have endured one or more toxic relationships, have a history of picking partners who do not treat you well or dealt with a heartbreaking breakup or divorce.The good news is that once you honestly assess what might be holding you back, you can take action to knock down your own internal barriers to love. These sorts of situations take tremendous strength to heal from, but it is possible with time and support.Your problem is that regardless of when one of these situations might have happened, it remains in the forefront of your life, contributing to how you feel about yourself, how you approach dating and how you perceive relationships.Rachel also serves as a Relationship Expert for and other dating and relationship advice websites. Thousands and thousands of single guys and women keep meeting people, spending time getting to know them and hoping that their new romantic prospect will turn into a great dating and relationship partner.

When in comparison mode, you are likely to take on a victim mindset, a self-defeating internal dialogue and experience more sadness and anxiety.

This is when it can be especially helpful to detach from social media and Facebook, which can be dangerous when you are not feeling good about yourself.

Rachel Dack is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Nationally Certified Counselor and relationship coach, specializing in psychotherapy for individuals and couples via her private practice in Bethesda, Maryland.

Now is the time to make a commitment to only date people who you see long-term potential with and honoring yourself if the relationship no longer serves you well.

It takes courage to leave a relationship, but it is so freeing to be open and available to a great partner. You are so busy comparing yourself to others that you become disengaged in your own life.

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The key is to be empowered to go after what you want and be confident in achieving it, as opposed to making your entire existence about finding a relationship and feeling miserable until you have someone special in your life. You are caught up in magical or distorted thinking (“My partner will just appear”).

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