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The result might be a sorry story of oppression, appearances in court, and Bohemian exceptions, but it is there.

But is this all there is, or is the wider topic of male-male emotional relationships also part of "gay" history? And if we have "Romantic Friendship" plus "socially created kinship" minus-"demonstrated or publically validated sexual activity", as seems to have been the case with adelphopoiia, what exactly are we dealing with? Some writers have argued that "homosociality, homoeroticism, and homosexuality are analytically distinct".

Since 1980 a very specific theory the history of sexuality as it applies to homosexuals, has come to be accepted by the majority of historians working in the field.

The model now is this: As can be seen current discussion amongst historians focuses on the history of Western sexuality.

There are, and have been, societies in which same-sex sexual activity has been widespread but has had little or no emotional significance [as with some modern prison homosexuality].

It does not seem accurate, however, to restrict modern understandings of LGB identities to sex.Lesbian history has long been roiled by the issue of "Romantic friendship" - with Lillian Faderman's Surpassing the Love of Men (in which she discusses women's romantic friendships).The question posed comes down to this "Does it matter whether they had sex?Others argue that there have always been "homosexuals" with some self-awareness, but even they would acknowledge that the large, highly visible and open "gay and lesbian community: of the past few decades is a new development in history.For those who argue that "gays and lesbians" are a new creation, the only "gay and lesbian history" that can really deserve the name is the history of the modern political and social movement.

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