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Capturing Rope You can purchase this from any Stable Keeper in cities and towns like Olivia, Velia and Heidel.

To find the Stable Keeper, press the NPC button near your minimap and select Stable. Click on the shop icon when interacting with the Stable Keeper (not all staple keepers have the shop function but the ones in towns/cities do).

This costs about 2030 silver per Lump of Raw Sugar.

You buy them from the cooking NPC in a town/city which you can find again by using the NPC button and select cooking.

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar are all you need to start horse taming.

Once you have purchased them, press L to open the Processing Window and click on Heating then select the Mineral Water and Raw Sugar.

You cannot split stacks here but don’t worry it won’t eat the extras.

The rope you need to purchase costs 1500 silver each.

Once tamed, the wild horse(s) will disappear and take 2 hour to respawn.

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