Infopath row cannot be located for updating

Using a form and some VBA you could build a custom SQL string and execute that based on selections from the form.When using an Info Path form using a list, you can go to the list itself, then click on list, and then customize the form. Create the columns needed for the certain list (this would contain the start and end dates etc. Have Microsoft Info Path 2010 installed (i'm guessing you already have this) Since you already have the columns on the list, you can just click on customize this form and infopath will open and you would be able to customize your own form from there.

The number one offender is the lack of a primary key in your data when you try to post it back to the DB. I have been sporadically getting a "Row cannot be located for updating" error. In this instance, I am just building a desktop application. To do this it must be able to find the record in your database that corresponds to the record you are editing.Without this, ADO will default to taking *all* fields as the key and stuff these in the SQL WHERE clause it constructs on the fly. The datasources are set to some TADOQuery's which have master datasources too.I am getting an EDatabase error that says 'Row cannot be located for updating'. don't use Info Path much but it looks like it requires a bit of coding that you'd need to do in Visual Studios.I am not sure how well an Info Path form will work to update multiple Share Point list items.

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