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After a near-miss run in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor in 2002, Palin set her sights on the state's top office four years later.

But I feel that even if one is career-minded, (s)he should plan major moves around the state of his/her family at the time.

VOTE OBAMA IN NOVEMBER OR SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE WHEN GWB GARBAGE POLITICS RUIN THIS COUNTRY! By trying to point out Palin's inexperience, the Obama campaign and supporters are exposing Obama to a bright shining light on his lack of executive experience! He has not had to make the final decision on anything...has, many times.

She's got guts, she's stood up to her OWN party..doesn't and hasn't.

The news that Palin, the mayor of a small town in Alaska just two years ago, was the pick came after CNN reported that a private plane had traveled from the Last Frontier to Dayton, Ohio where Mc Cain is set to unveil his vice presidential pick later today.

The Palin news came after the two supposed frontrunners -- Minnesota Gov. Mitt Romney -- each confirmed he would not be traveling to Dayton today.

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Simply being on the same stage with Joe Biden will help elevate Gov.

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