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You’re in for a treat…Sure, it’s a gross generalisation, but most of the Irish are never, ever stuck for something to say, as is shown by the vibrant banter of any pub in Ireland on any night of the week. Chances are your date will have you stomach-laughing in no time, and if they don’t, you can be sure half their friendship group will have you in stitches, so you can get your …Or rather those accents (yes, there are quite a few).

We don’t hold back on opinions, either, so if you’re into debating about politics, sport, history, travel or just about anything else, get stuck in. We can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to listen to the wide variety of Irish drawls, from the west coast twang to the more guttural north Dublin inner-city brashness. Instead, you’ll get the wonderful Irish past tense (‘I’m after going’), a total lack of the ‘th’ sound, and a genuinely sensational turn of phrase. Your new beau may (or may not) have any or all of the above, but yes, if they do you’ll quickly learn that they’re all fiercely attractive. In fact, the whole ‘going out for dinner thing’ won’t even come up until you’ve hit the pub at least half a dozen times in the same company. Not to oversell the Irish passport (because we might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves there – it’s only a date, right? All of those are great, great things, and we’re already impressed.

A liberal spattering of bad language in everyday conversation is offset by the way the words are used: sometimes like the phrase has been brewing at the back of an author’s mind for a decade, just waiting to tumble out in all its offensive glory.

Think endless tea, constant inquiries into your relationship situation, and (in all likelihood) a nice trip to Bally-go-backwards to hang out on a rainy farm for the weekend. We’re not going to repeat precisely how but you haven’t heard swearing until you’ve heard it from the Irish.

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  1. It seems like with the growing popularity of dating apps and sites, people's behavior toward potential matches/partners/hookups has only gotten stranger. The idea that you could magically disappear on someone without ever having to deal with the repercussions of your actions was relatively unheard of before we started looking for people on our smartphones. But even more confusing than your average ghost is the virtual pen pal.