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"I love pain," he says, smirking, more than half-seriously. Gigandet has the play-with-pain trait to thank for much of his success, which is cooking now after a stint on , based on Stephenie Meyer's runaway hit novel. But Gigandet realized that any real happiness had to come from within."Love pain." Last summer, water-skiing with his family in Washington State, Gigandet slammed into a buoy. But it all began elsewhere, on the football field in high school, where he did something a senior quarterback just doesn't do: He quit. "The future doesn't matter if I don't enjoy what's going on right now.The new CBS Summer series Reckless is only two weeks in and the legal drama is not skimping on the skin from the show’s trio of hot stars, Cam Gigandet, Adam Rodriguez and Shawn Hatosy.

"Well, you can always do what the kids did and hate your work," says Gigandet. )—but because he happens to be break-your-heart handsome, irreverent beyond reproach, and old school in that slugs-scotch-and-breathes-Camel-Lights kind of way. He's the kind of guy who lets you try his cocktail, looks up Pacific Coast Highway traffic for you, and wears his heart on his sleeve. When I meet the 31-year-old for a round of Old Fashioneds at Santa Monica hot spot SHOREbar, he brings along a change of rumpled clothes in a raffia cabana bag and a nipper flask "just in case." (It's all just so Johnny Depp.) But Gigandet—pronounced , premiering this Sunday at 9 pm EST, is also the perfect drinking buddy. "You're selling a product that happens to be yourself," Gigandet says. There's so much fear of failure because it's so rampant, it's everywhere.It was paralyzing to the point where I couldn't get work or enjoy anything. And I've only just realized how many hills there are in L.

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"When I was on that show, they all just wanted to go on and do bigger things. You can be as frustrated as you want, but you still have to show up for work. "To be let go from a soap opera is the most embarrassing confidence basher in the world. But it's something that you can do for a really long time and still not master it. I do it real light right now." Keep the change Gigandet does weights, kettlebells, and cardio machines, but also (an Israeli martial art), water-skiing, hiking -- anything, really. "It's best when I go outside and play a sport." Bike everywhere If he can do it in L.

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