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Good relationships are marathons, not sprints, and many relationships start out too quickly and intensely to last. In the early stages of the relationship, resist the urge to talk every single day, to see each other at every opportunity, and to kiss and say “I love you” too soon.

If you develop a reputation for treating poorly or saying inappropriate things about even one girl, I can assure you many girls will hear about it. Before entering a relationship, take the time to write out or think about the characteristics you’d like your wife to have. This will really help you when pursuing relationships.A friend of mine used to give teenage girls this piece of dating advice: guys aren’t ripe to date until they’re twenty-five years old.I thought it was a bit extreme and harsh towards the boys.When you’re in a relationship, it is easy to get tied up with the other person.All other relationships begin to lessen, and the one with your girlfriend becomes your priority.

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Dating is a good way to develop maturity and understanding of the sacrifice needed for a long lasting relationship.

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  1. They give you all the feels over the phone, you’ve talked about the sexy stuff, and they make you smile. The possibilities are endless[…] continue reading We’ve all had that experience when we think that we’ve fallen for someone, only to realize that the person is actually bad news.