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We've been passing many of our Power Shell scripts to developers and DBAs to use and wanted to know some of the basics for parameter validation to limit ranges as well as enforce the standards in our environment.In the previous tip on Power Shell parameter validation, we looked at parameters limits on strings, integers and validating scripts with valid file locations.

See reference Link: Easy Step by Step SSRS Parameter Validation Using Code & Conditional Data Set I'm answering this to chip in another possible solution when working with SQL/Server.

First, you do not have to write the error messages yourself. You never enter the actual code if the parameter validation does not pass and the code does not get bloated from all the input checking.

You define the acceptable or non-acceptable attributes directly on the parameter and it throws the error. Some Power Shell parameter validation attributes allow you to specifically permit a null or empty value on an input parameter.

And Follow the Steps: 1.) Go the Report Parameters and add a parameter with the datatype is string. If you just want to throw an error then simply amend your query SQL to raise an error on the SQL/Server side by adding something like this to the top of your SQL...

2.) Check the Hidden checkbox and Allow blank value ckeckbox.

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Power Shell parameter validation attributes define what is acceptable for parameter input without needing to write massive amounts of code to handle it.

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