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They first split in 2007, after which Hudson briefly dated Dax Shepard. He wants to put it behind him."Instead, the following February they were reportedly back on after Hudson briefly dated Lance Armstrong, though their time spent together might have been in a friendlier capacity.

Single motherhood "can be okay," she told the magazine. I haven't figured it all out yet."Hudson's hard-fought wisdom proved prescient.Now that she is expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, take a look back at some of her former flames. The soon-to-be mother of three is nuts about her kids; adores her mom, stepdad and brother; keeps herself in tip-top shape and throws herself into her work with abandon, be it acting or her Fabletics fitness line and healthy-living projects. In fact, it's so much that, even when Hudson has fallen in love with a significant other, it's not always easy to carve out the space needed to make a relationship work."Relationships are the most challenging things," she told in early 2014. You come face-to-face with yourself, and if you can deal with realizing we're all flawed, accept it and work with it, you might have a really amazing, lasting relationship." The star, by then a mother of two and at the time engaged to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, added, "If I look at my parents, who've been together 30-something years, I'd say no matter what they've been through, they share similar values and really like each other. "I love being able to be a wife, make dinners and invite friends over and be able to make it all nice for him.The short time that lapsed between Hudson's marital separation and the start of her on-and-off relationship with Owen Wilson, her co-star in 2006's , prompted many assumptions that he had something to do with the end of her marriage—speculation that was adamantly denied by Wilson's camp.(In 2009, Hudson said flatly, regarding rumors of infidelity, "That's not what happened.")During a tumultuous time for both of them, the actors broke up and rekindled several times between when they started dating in September 2006 and their ultimate split in 2009, though people close to them would always categorize their relationship as friendly in between romances.

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When the interviewer asked—not about specifics, but just about the increased interest in his personal life in general—during a joint interview with Jennifer Aniston when they did , and then they whipped out their phones and showed off pictures of their kids. and New York, Hudson became a much-photographed presence in the stands.

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