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Enter “EVE Online” in the App Name box and click Create App. Also, in EVE enter something in the Notes on the Pay Pal page such as “Checkout with Pay Pal” Just enter info in Live Client ID and Live Secret and Notes boxes. If you put anything in Use Sandbox it tells EOL to use the Sandbox details!!

Good luck xxx Hi f, Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences with dating Aquarius men.To complete the setup, you will need your Live Client ID and your Live Secret.Please follow this procedure to generate these 2 elements: Login at https://developer.On the My Apps & Credentials page, scroll down until you see the Create App button and click it. Copy and paste the Client ID and Secret into the Live Client ID and Live Secret boxes respectively on the Pay Pal payment method in EVE (see below), in the tab corresponding to your On Line shop./** * @param array $handlers Array of handlers * @param string $path Resource path relative to base service endpoint * @param string $method HTTP method - one of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH etc * @param string $data Request payload * @param array $headers HTTP headers * @return mixed * @throws \Pay Pal\Exception\Pay Pal Connection Exception */ public function execute($handlers = array(), $path, $method, $data = '', $headers = array()) /** * Handle * * @param \Pay Pal\Core\PPHttp Config $http Config * @param \Pay Pal\Core\PPRequest $request * @param array $options * * @throws \Pay Pal\Exception\PPInvalid Credential Exception * @throws \Pay Pal\Exception\PPMissing Credential Exception */ public function handle($http Config, $request, $options) /** * @param Pay Pal Http Config $http Config * @param string $request * @param mixed $options * @return mixed|void * @throws Pay Pal Configuration Exception * @throws Pay Pal Invalid Credential Exception * @throws Pay Pal Missing Credential Exception */ public function handle($http Config, $request, $options) /** * Returns the URL to which the user must be redirected to * logout from the Open ID provider (i.e.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

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