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Avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, and eating healthfully can help prevent outbreaks.

Herpes outbreaks can be painful and annoying, but herpes is an incredibly common virus that doesn’t deserve the stigma it has.

So, should you be freaking out if you had sex at Coachella? First, a bit of googling shows that Herp Alert has previously notified the media when they see spikes in people seeking herpes diagnoses in southern California — and these instances all coincide with well-attended events, such as the Oscars and NBA All-Star weekend.

Keep in mind that Coachella brings 250,000 festival-goers to the area, almost tripling the population of Indio, California.

Your doctor can advise on the right treatment for you.

There are also at-home options you can take during an outbreak, such as taking a warm bath, putting an ice pack on the sore area, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Along with the blisters, other possible symptoms include pain when peeing or difficulty peeing, genital pain, and flu-like symptoms such as a fever, headache, swollen glands, aches, or chills.

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Oral herpes can be transmitted through kissing — in fact, according to ASHA, most people with oral herpes contract it through kissing relatives or friends as a child.

Neither oral herpes nor genital herpes can be spread through sharing drinks or meals. Medication can help prevent outbreaks, make them go away sooner when they do appear, and reduce the risk of transmission.

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