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Adult vaccines must be paid for at the time they are received.

The exception to this is Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccines for those on Medicare Part B, we do bill Medicare for these vaccines. Tuberculosis skin testing is available to everyone regardless of insurance status for a fee of .00.

Clinics are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday by appointment only.They are held every other month by appointment only.These clinics are open to everyone regardless of insurance status.The California Catholic Conference, the California Right to Life Committee, and other socially conservative groups in the state had opposed the law, contending that it erodes parental rights and mistakenly assumes 12-year-olds can make medical decisions on their own.Philip Diamond, MD, vice chair of ACOG's California chapter, told "But some teens don't feel they can talk to their parents about sexual activity," said Dr.

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In a recent debate among Republican presidential candidates, US Rep.

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