Mid summer eve dating

We’d take a boat to the restaurant across the water and dance until two, then go to a snack stand in town and chat with the rest of the village population until morning, returning to the couple’s house for a sauna. Overall, I’ve had my share of good Midsummer experiences in Finland.

Bonfires were burned on the occasion, a ritual that continues today.

We don’t do anything special except sit around a campfire, chat and sing along to guitar music.

If the visitors get bored, everyone goes skinny dipping.

An American recounts his many colourful memories of Midsummer in Finland, from heavy metal bands to seaside bonfires, and from barbecues to mosquito bites.

Rich in tradition, Midsummer occupies a special place in the Finnish calendar, representing the high point of summer and the most popular time to start your annual vacation.

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It takes place on the Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June.

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