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Maybe that's why I go for unavailable guys because?I guess I'm sad I've never been able to find a bf and I kind of blame my penis. I've been dating my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years (we are 99% going to marry next December 2016 : D), and I had surgery in January 2015.I can really understand the way the feeling, but I really want to have some real friends.One day, I was search trans dating app on my phone, Transdr appeared in front of my eyes, didn’t know why, I chose to download Transdr among many different dating apps.A lot of men who are interested in trans women are ashamed of it and won't want anything public (from my experience).With my boyfriend, he was hesitant at the start and for about a year didn't feel comfortable giving me oral sex or touching me there (I had no problems using my penis and had no genital disphoria).We had a rough spot in the relationship after the first anniversary but when we came back together he had gotten over his hangups. I've always hated chasers but hearing the experiences of my girlfriend and other trans women now shoots chasers into violent rage territory for me.So much that he actually started finding my body very attractive and loving that I had a penis. This is one of the reasons I have pushed getting srs out. But I'm sick of waiting and I'm sick of having the penis completely.

When I was dating, I think honestly being post-op did help, though it's hard for me to make a direct comparison.Now this isn't the only reason I want surgery... At least for me, I had no luck dating before I met him.Partially about being pre op, like you I had some men interested in me that ended up having girlfriends or wives.Subscription options for VIP membership service:1-month subscription with auto renewal: .993-month subscription with auto renewal: .996-month subscription: .99**Prices are in U. If any violation, your profile will be banned and we reserve the rights to take further legal actions.I’m a 30-year-old trans women, it seems like all people around me are unfriendly to me, I use to be very upset. They are seemingly friendly to me, but I know that not all of them can really accept me.

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