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A lot of people are taken aback maybe by something like that, but I’m thrilled. I was quickly and easily distracted from golf, so much so that my college golf coach held up my scholarship papers in one hand and my report card in the other and said, ‘You gotta choose here.

He was teaching me a lesson: If I wanted it more, then I needed to kick it in more.” And off to Duke she went, where says she found life to be incredibly liberating, if a little distracting. You’re not making good choices.’” The conversation struck a nerve and Tilghman turned it around, buckled down and says she started making “dean’s list grades” from her sophomore year on.

Additional credit, she says, goes to the fact that she grew up in a house on the third tee of Surf Golf & Beach Club, where her grandfather was a founding member.The two were also pro Shag dancers (her mother is in the dance’s National Hall of Fame), making for a full life in their full house.A young Kelly didn’t dance—“I can do the basic shuffle step, and that’s where it ends”—but she was on board with her family’s legacy of achievement, even if the discipline preached by her father, a Citadel graduate and former Army captain, didn’t take, not at first anyway.Words: Reade Tilley Photography: Della Bass “I thought it wasn’t going to happen, so I’d given up hope.And then, I think we were about a week out, I got the call that Mr.

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“It was the perfect recipe for a little female golfer being born,” she says, “It was in the bloodline and in the business line; it was the perfect storm.” Indeed, two of her relatives are in the South Carolina Hall of Fame as golfers: her grandfather Melvin Hemphill was a noted teaching pro who was coaching Jack Fleck when Fleck beat Ben Hogan in the 1955 U. Open at Olympic Club, and her great aunt Kathryn Hemphill was a dominant amateur who played on the 1938 Curtis Cup team with Patty Berg and Glenna Collett-Vare.

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