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Very recently, the US Senate passed a bill to fight online sex trafficking.

The aim of the bill “FOSTA” is to hold websites responsible for illegalities conducted through personal pages on the said website.

So…You may be asking yourself: Why doesn’t she just state that in her profile?

“No hook-ups.”Early on a few guys told me that writing “no hook-ups” was essentially meaningless.

If men and/or women want something casual, fantastic.

But it should be equally fantastic that I am looking for something not-so-casual.

One of the major sites at the receiving end of this legislation is Craigslist personals which has dominated this area for decades.

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And that has as much to do with the fairer sex as anything. This is not a story about slut-shaming or about being anti-sex; rather, it’s about the conundrum women like myself are caught in.

Note: I have read plenty of stories written by women who embrace casual sex. Bonnie was off the dating market from 1998 (when she met her now ex-husband) till early 2014.

I’m not wearing turtlenecks or a nun’s habit, but my point is that I go out of my way to project an image to communicate that I’m not looking for a one-night escapade.

I am attempting to make it as clear as I can (given the limitations of an online profile) that I’m not going to be into those things.

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