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Instead, we can learn about others’ experiences, how they handled it, and how they overcame it.

If someone else did it, there’s no reason you can’t do it.

So if you’re depressed, force yourself to act like a passionate, happy person would: It may sound silly and feel even sillier, but trust me. It will boost your mood if you make a consistent effort to do it.

If you know something that you can teach others, go to udemy or and create a course. It affirms, “I am here, and I am contributing something to this world”.

To make something unique where there was nothing before is awesome. This is something I did several years ago, and I still utilize it today.

Of course, if you have living members, and ones you can actually communicate with, it’s even better.

But if they’re deceased or if they’re famous celebrities who don’t respond to emails or letters, you can still “consult” with them. You get answers that you can’t seem to come up with yourself, and you feel connected to the other humans who have gone through what you’re going through.

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Do you ever wish you had experts available to give you advice? Then I chose people I wanted as my mentors or advisors.

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