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Unfortunately for actress Hilarie Burton, portraying the character took its toll on her.

After many dye jobs and styles, Burton’s own hair was so badly damaged over the first two seasons that she was forced to cut it off.

Over time, she learned to move past the deaths of her biological and adoptive mothers and became a more confident woman in the process.

Through her growth, Peyton also underwent various physical changes, including her different popular hairstyles.

In fact, she was forced to audition three times just to secure the part.

Reportedly, she was rejected the first time for not being "sexy enough" and the second time for being "too sexy." Wow.

Though originally intended to be a movie instead of a TV show, creator Mark Schwahn eventually developed the long-running series following the lives of half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott.

Although she also utilized various cover-ups while still on the show, she also faced another technique used to accommodate pregnant stars: being shipped off!

In the storyline, Karen left to attend cooking school in Italy, giving Kelly time to have her baby and enjoy her maternity leave. The characters often hung out at the River Court (which, incidentally, was built just for the show), the Scott brothers were integral members of the Tree Hill Ravens, and Nathan went on to play in the NBA.

However, this did not last long as he turned 20 years old by the conclusion of season 2. Many mom-to-be actresses have faced some trying times when it came to their real-life pregnancies.

Although some had the advantage of having their pregnancies incorporated into the storylines, others have been forced to hide them.

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