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Taking steps to secure and protect your users’ data is a continuous process both online and offline.

These tools can help you with parts of that process, but they are not a compliance process in and of itself.

Top ↑ This tool makes it easier to select and build a Privacy Policy page.

It will create a dedicated page (or adapt an existing one) and provide prompts and headers to kickstart the process.

Further, you may also be required to have your users’ active, clear, and unambiguous consent before certain kinds of processing of personal data, if that processing isn’t otherwise necessary for your site.

The use of the new data privacy tools (whether required by law or not) will make it easier for you to protect your users’ privacy. No two privacy notices will be alike, just as no two site administrators will have identical compliance journeys.

This is different from the We strongly encourage you use the email validation feature built into the export tools.

This confirmation process will help safeguard against abuse, such as malicious users pretending to be someone they are not.

As with the Erasure tool, the Erase Personal Data tool uses email validation to send a user’s request to an administrator.

The administrator must manually approve the request to send the data in question to the user.

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