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In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple spilled the deets about their relationship.Jon revealed that they met "on the only blind date either of [them] had ever been on, at a Mexican restaurant." Tracey chimed in, saying, "The date wasn't blind for me." That is, not blind because she had watched him on television.

I remember when my mom bought my little sister a business suit in her final year of college.How are these friends supposed to choose someone that I think is hot?One of my best friends set me up on a blind date with a girl who was certainly attractive, but not my type of attractive. The conversation was great, but there was no spark, and blind dates just feel a bit forced.As it happens, blind dates led to more marriages than meeting at work, the gym, a night out, and even the serendipitous coffee shop.If your "average" couple is finding love through a date set up by friends or acquaintances, then it stands to reason that celebrities would be using this avenue to find a partner too, right? While some blind dates may be disastrous — like the one Britney Spears went on with the dude who "looked like a lizard" — many famous people have been able to find love in this fashion. Here are a few celebs you probably never knew were set up.

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