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Earlier on Monday we received a tip that the Celtics star was seeing someone new.

Now we have pictures of the two from Irving’s Invitational.

We only try our hardest to be great humans and the fact that I can love her for how beautiful she is a privilege in its own right, I'm grateful.

I want to see her and all individuals be who they truthfully are, unapologetically.

I want the focus to be on her, her career, and that’s it.” Had the great opportunity to learn at Harvard Business School with some incredible people and influences in their respective fields/profession. There has been drama surrounding the team and the long-term future of Irving.

Bill Simmons reported Irving apologized to the entire team on a recent plane ride. There’s this legendary plane ride that apparently happened on the way to Golden State and I think there’s a chance, I don’t want to get to caught up in it, the hope of it, but I think it really might have changed the season.

She has 543,000 You Tube subscribers and 389,000 Instagram followers. I have to speak on this simply because I owe it to you and you deserve the world to see you for you and how beautiful you are inside and out, and not for the attachment to an emotional moment in time where we both had to grow up and learn about our hearts and our souls in a world that judges and adds on fictitious pressure, SN: And also add that we are public figures now on this social media monster of a platform.

“Kyrie apparently was like apologizing to everybody and said ‘I am not handling this well, I am sorry I am not doing this, I have been a dick’ and just kind of did the whole thing.

I'm hearing people are showing up to shows and being disruptive while she performs and when it starts affecting real life progress, the shit has to stop.

I am responsible as a leader to guide the young males who follow me in a positive way, & this is long overdue.

When a fan asked Golden on Instagram if the two were dating, Golden responded with a questions mark.

We will have to see how things develop between Irving and Golden.

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