Pocket planes flight crew not updating

Chances are that if you’ve ever flown anywhere at all, you’ve flown on one of them.

At 1,500 feet of altitude, the takeoff portion of the flight was officially complete, and the first officer began the initial climb.

That’s nothing to sneeze at, even for a company that earned .5 billion in net profit.

So Airbus and Boeing constantly tweak their airplanes to squeeze single percentage-point gains out of them.

In 2018, for instance, Southwest Airlines’ fleet of 751 Boeing 737s burned through 2.1 billiongallons of fuel at an average cost of .20 per gallon for a total of .6 billion.

A 1 percent increase in fuel efficiency would save million.

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The flight crew had to figure something out fast before they lost control of the airplane.

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