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The Senate must approve a new party with a 1/2 vote and the Senate has the power to disband any political party with a 2/3 vote.

Reactionarism Right-wing populism Ultranationalism Christian right National conservatism Social conservatism Green conservatism Environmentalist Traditionalist Anti-establishment Anti-liberalism Anti-interventist Economic nationalism Protectionism Distributism Social Credit Trade unionism Anti-globalism Active Parties Arranged by Status then Member Count.

Chesterfield, first contested in the 1880s, has been regarded as a safe Labour seat for most of that time.

The Conservatives won it only once, in 1931, when the Liberals, who had won the seat several times previously, declined to stand.

Parties with 8 members will be considered as a Major party, 7 or less members will be considered as Minor.

Parties with one member will be considered independent and unrecognized.

Further, preexisting parties will not need the approval of the Senate, however they'll still be classed as a major or minor party (and even if they're recognized or not), with the Senate given the power to disband political parties as well Hereby: Adds to Article III Section VIII- "Nations seeking to form new parties are required to gain approval from the Senate to have their party officially recognized.

At that time, the FPTP system provided stability and a certainty of result in most general elections.

Indeed, most UK adults were actually to a political party, mostly the “big three” and in fact mostly the “big two”.

So we see that some constituencies are “safe” Conservative or Labour and that a few are or were in the past Liberal Democrat/Liberal .

A minority of seats are designed to be “marginal”, whether Con-Lab, Con-Lib Dem, Lib Dem-Lab.

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Further noticing there's currently no legitimate process in forming a political party stated in the constitution.

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