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Plus, there are a lot of success stories from married or committed couples that met online.

Despite online dating being useful and convenient, statistics currently say you’re more likely to meet “the one” by being introduced through a mutual friend.

Personality testing can never present a 100% accurate picture of any subject.

It is only natural for people answering a series of standard questions to come out with fairly stereotypical answers.

If you really want to find the right match, try sticking to just one online dating site.

It, therefore, becomes difficult to gain an accurate picture as they may well be holding certain character traits back.

Only by meeting someone face-to-face, or at least exchanging regular messages, does a true picture of someone’s character begin to emerge.

Online dating can be a con when the relationship only exists online and doesn’t include any physical or face-to-face interaction.

Psychologists warn “computer-mediated communication may have an artificial and unemotional quality since it can be harder to evaluate a potential match online where you cannot pick up on cues and features that build attraction, like touching.” We are living in a digital age and with so many social sites and dating apps, there are many ways to meet and build relationships online.

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