Radiometric dating of the siloam tunnel jerusalem

One of the most impressive structures in Jerusalem’s ancient landscape is the tower that was built to surround and protect the Gihon Spring, Jerusalem’s perennial water source. The structure, first discovered by Reich and Shukron (2004), encompasses the cave in which the spring sprouts from, with walls 7 m thick built of large boulders. In order to provide an absolute dating for the structure, two sections were sampled for radiocarbon (. Water to Jerusalem: the route and date of the upper and lower level aqueducts. Scientists back Biblical tunnel By Richard Black BBC science correspondent Israeli scientists have used radiometric dating to show when a tunnel in Jerusalem, described in the Bible, was excavated.

Now research led by Amos Frumpkin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reported in the scientific journal Nature, has confirmed the date, which he says is a rare success.Among them was a Jewish soldier from New Zealand named Louis Salek.While serving in Egypt he had made contact with the local Jewish community and was given a Jewish flag, half blue and half white, with a Star of David in the middle."First of all it's very difficult to find such structures; it's very difficult to identify them; and usually they are not very well preserved." Ancient wonder Dr Frumpkin's team found plant remains and stalactites in the Siloam Tunnel which they examined using carbon dating and another similar method involving uranium. Scholars say it is a useful find because it sets an absolute date for a Biblical event, rather than having to rely on interpretations and calculations.But they say it does not constitute proof that any particular race or community settled in Jerusalem before any other, and shouldn't be used to claim any kind of primacy.

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