Rafael nadal and ana ivanovic dating

I half-expected to see songbirds merrily orbiting his bandana.” Whispers of Nadal’s debilitating crush circulated the men’s locker room, giving opponents in the early rounds a glimmer of (false, rapidly dashed) hope.

“I think it was the first round, he was in the locker room asking Djokovic how to say ‘hello, would you like to have dinner with me’ in Serbo-Croatian, thinking she’d be impressed and charmed that he ask in her native tongue,” said fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco, who briefly dated Ms. “He finally gets the courage to ask, and she gives him big slap in the face.

Perhaps this is why both their films underperformed.In 2010 Serbia's second-best player Janko Tipsarevic was hovering around the No. But that summer he married Serbian TV personality Biljana Sesevic and took his game to the next level, becoming a true top-10 player.His brother Veljko joked with Deuce Magazine, "the bottom line is that he needed to get married earlier!“During changeovers or between long points, he’s trying to locate her in the stands.I even notice he’s not spending so much time pulling his pants from his butt-crack, which is one of those strange, embarrassing habits you’re afraid to change.

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