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She also appeared in 'I Hate Love Story' with Imran Khan.

It was said that after Katrina Kaif, Bruna Abdullah became Salman Khan’s love interest but there was no such proof for it.7.

Their relationship was perfect until Salman possessiveness became too much.Salman Khan have also admitted once that he and Sangeeta were very close to get married but it didn’t work out.2.Somy Ali And Salman This actress from Pakistan fell in love with Salman at the younger age of 15 after watching his movies.Zareen Khan After Salman reportedly broke up with Katrina, he appeared on the screen along with Zareen Khan.This actress is was very similar to one of Salman's love interest, Katrina Kaif.

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1999 - 2001Aishwarya Rai and fellow Bollywood actor Salman Khan were a popular Indian tabloid item when they were together.

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