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As far as minimal sedation is concerned most dentists will be bale to offer this and nowadays more and more dentists are able to offer moderate sedation as well.

Deep sedation and general anaesthesia are more complex techniques and fewer dentists can offer this.

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Anyway, I'm going to cancel his appointment and groom him myself.

He's very easy to bathe, no resisting at all, but I suck at hair clipping!

Check that the following things are done: Prior to the procedure, your dentist should ask for and discuss your medical history and check that you are an appropriate candidate for sedation and should ask about any medications you're taking. If sedation dentistry is something that you would like to find out about then Dentists Near Me have details of dentists in a location convenient to you.

The groomer is in the same office as my vet so if I were to get him sedated, he'd be examined by his vet and then sedated.

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People in some risk groups like those who area very obese or have obstructive sleep apnoea should discuss the situation with their doctor before the think of having sedation.

It's important to check that your dentist has the right training and qualifications to administer the kind of sedation that you will have.

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