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Any remainder is credited to the exporter's account.They even argue the risk is so low as to be nonexistent. Daniel Schmand, chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission, stated, Empirical data generated by the ICC's Banking Commission can help address these issues.Asset-based lending, "ABL" in the trade, refers to business loans in which collateral value and liquidity of working capital assets are the predominant credit considerations.From its origins as the financing source of last resort, ABL has evolved to be an attractive alternative for well-performing companies.Inventory appraisals are assembled with an aura of precision, yet they often prove to be subjective.As might be expected, the subjective judgment bias swings along a track that emulates the general optimism/ pessimism of lenders.With the recent spread compression, the cost premium has been reduced, allowing ABL to become attractive to a growing share of the market for corporate credit.Banks continue to sell Trade Finance as a great product line and one that is getting unduly punished by regulators. Trade finance involves the production and movement of tangible goods.

Among ABL's most attractive attributes is the lack of a set amortization schedule.

Twenty years ago, most ABL lenders were independent of banks.

Since that time, banks have acquired and/or built their own ABL units and now dominate the market.

If the proposed collateral is a commodity product with an active secondary market (e.g., corn, 2x4 studs, steel, resin, etc.), the valuation is straightforward and can be tracked in the secondary market.

When non-commodity manufactured goods are involved, lenders typically rely on third-party appraisers to determine NOLV.

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For example, the 2014 ICC Trade Register what trade financiers always knew: that the discipline remains very low risk, with default rates averaging between 0.03% and 0.24%, depending on the instrument.

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