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Initially, it had been called the Home for Incurables, but in 1968 would be renamed The Newington Children’s Hospital.Three other hospitals were built in town in the early twentieth century contemporaneous with the rise of Progressivism, including the 1911 establishment of Connecticut’s first tuberculosis sanitarium on Cedar Mountain.Modernization, to Newington, meant more than just trolleys, automobiles, and buses.Using government as an instrument of social improvement, in the spirit of the Progressives, reflected advancement in the early decades of the twentieth century.The town came into its own at the start of the nineteenth century.Its location in the center of Connecticut attracted an increasing number of residents and commercial enterprises.

Overwhelmingly the town approved the request after Smith purchased land at the foot of Cedar Mountain in the town’s eastern portion.In 1871, Newington had a population of 871 people with 132 dwellings, and roughly 130 farms, a substantial increase from the start of the nineteenth century.When Wethersfield town leaders refused to fund highway improvements for better access to the railroads, the town formally declared its independence on July 10.At first, Anglos moved to the town from Hartford and New Britain as foreign-born Poles, Italians, and Irish settled in those cities.Automobiles, the most visible sign of technological progress, encouraged more immigration and did away with many farms.

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