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“Within 24 hours, she had contacted and heard from U. Wheeler, who will report to spring training next season with the Twins and live with Ms. If you have a good season, you’re always just a phone call away.”Mr.

Wheeler’s brother, Ryan Wheeler, 27, who also played in the Cape Cod League before breaking into the majors in 2012 as a third baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks and later for the Colorado Rockies, knows all about dreaming on those endless bus rides.

Because she would be competing in a different conference, she was immediately eligible to compete.)“Two or three days after Jason left, Maddie said, ‘All the good rowers go to where it’s warm,’” said Dr. Wheeler spent the first half of the 2015 baseball season playing for Minnesota’s Class AAA affiliate, the Rochester Redwings, inching ever so close to his dream.

Mead-Walters, a family physician who is also the Firebirds’ team doctor. He spent the second half playing for the team’s Class AA club, the Lookouts, in Chattanooga, Tenn.“There are things I still need to work on to improve as a baseball player, but I believe I can play on the major league level,” said Mr. “There’s always a chance to make it, especially when you are in the higher level of the minor leagues.

Wheeler’s aunt, Rebecca Butler, who lived two hours away in Wayland, Mass., and would often visit with her four children.“When I heard Jason would be in the Cape league, I thought, ‘He’s going to be lonely, we should see him,’ but he said no,” Ms. “I’d offer to give him a ride home after we watched a game where he pitched, and he never wanted one. He played there for a month before returning to Loyola again in October, to continue studying for a degree in business law. Walters had returned that fall to the University of Connecticut, where she was a member of the rowing team, but she soon headed west.“Jason and I kept texting and calling and wishing each other well, but we just couldn’t separate,” she said. Sally Norris, a minister of the United Church of Christ who officiated, along with Joshua Jackson, a lifelong friend of Mr.Walters transferred to the University of Southern California “for strictly athletic and academic reasons,” she said, followed by a chuckle. Wind blew the trees, and even in the mist, autumn’s gold and orange leaves lightened the horizon, the last vestiges of another promising season.“We are each other’s biggest fans and supporters,” said Ms.(UConn had given her permission to contact other schools and had released her from her athletic scholarship. Walters, who had returned to Seattle, where she completed her master’s in June, while Mr.But he also knows that his little brother has a great support system in Ms.Walters, whom he calls “one of the most patient people I’ve ever met.”Jason Wheeler said life on the road can take its toll on the psyche of a ballplayer.“We have driven overnight from Tennessee to Jacksonville, Fla., and on to Mobile, Ala., and then continued on to Biloxi, Miss., for games in those cities,” he said. But if you let all of that traveling get to you, it can affect your game, so it’s just something you have to get through.”Back home, Ms.

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