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Signore also served as the senior vice president of content for Defy; his Twitter bio has not been amended. “I think ‘Honest Trailers’ is going to continue until the entropic heat death of the universe, it’ll always be around as long as Screen Junkies is around,” said Gilbert.

“The rest of the stuff, we’re figuring it out,” although fans can already expect the first couple episodes of “Screen Junkies News” to be “different in tone and have some conversations in public that we’ve been having in private.” Murrell said he’s dedicated to “help make this a community that is more accepting,” in real life and in the comments section.

8 statement announcing Signore’s dismissal: accusers had brought their concerns to human resources months ago, and the investigation launched in August did not include Signore’s suspension.

Justine now lives a happy polyamorous life with three different partners, while another couple, Jenny and Darius, both asexual, met through the network and are now engaged.The last few weeks have found a whirlwind of accusations within the film community and beyond it, as countless women have been speaking out around the world about sexual harassment.As these scandals continue to unfold in the public eye, institutions are struggling with finding the right words to acknowledge wrongdoings, ignorance and complicity as they chart paths forward.More Knowles accusers came forward, and Knowles pledged to depart his site — at least temporarily — on Sept.26, the day League issued a third apology, which mentioned plans for a new board of directors.

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