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Once you get them home you get to Match 3 your way to nudity and er… The good thing about Hunie Pop is, well, it’s actually quite a decent game.Beware though, there are two version of this game, a marginally lewd version on Steam and then a REALLY LEWD version that you can buy from placed like GAL*GUN DOUBLE PEACE & GAL*GUN 2 Switch, PS4, PC/Steam VR If you scroll further down this list you’ll find the original Gal*Gun, but since I originally wrote this, two further Gal*Gun games have been released – Double Peace and more recently Gal*Gun 2.

This makes Tecmo managed to deliver a game that was about beach volleyball, mini-games, gambling and relationship building into a package that worked amazingly well.

As the lead character Vincent, you have to choose between Katherine with a K – who’s basically all about marriage and settling down and responsibility – and on the other hand you have Catherine, the attractive seductive blonde.

The decisions you make throughout the game will affect which direction you take along with a pretty outrageous twist.

Instead you can continue to interact with (and touch!

) her in real time, tied to a real time calendar, so different events will pop up on the days they’re supposed to.

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