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FOR ALL AMIGA'S (inc 5t2K), SOON FOR AMIGA CD^^* i ^ 9S$ © Rainbow Arts 1 m I Factor 5 1S93.There were at least two dozen CD32 consoles on display, some running im:pres$fve-kx}f(lng demos o K upcoming titles, wtiilst others were njnning games thai peple could play.At the centre of the stancf was an Alienesque robotic model and Commodore were offering C032s to people who Could come up with a name for the metallic wonder.] ceme, COLOUR PRINTER CD32 IS THE BELLE OF wars in earnest ^^ml^^l^^^M m^0 m m H^H ■^■■■■^■^B ^^1 ^M his mgnth saw unprecedented movement i THE BALL AT LIVE '93 B ntaln's blgg-L-._,_ Lionsumcr electronics show, Live 93, was staged at London's Otympia on the 16-20th September.

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Every lime he started playing, the crowds jusi flocked in from nowhere lo see what was probably the liveliest demo at the show.

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