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ok i was thinking, and if this is a bad idea than by all means dont participate but if we are all about the same age and whatnot would anyone feel obligated against posting their skype account on this forum then people can add eachother once a whole lot of people start doing it?Summary: Learn how to manage archiving for Skype for Business Server.This could be a sex site spam, or it could be something worse.

For details about syntax, including all available parameters, see Skype for Business Server Management Shell.

Now I have a very important reason to view my chat with a friend that took place 3 years past. Currently I am only able to see maximum of 1 year old message even thought the setting is set to save chat forever.

Five months ago I started an online relationship with a married man. We started out having fun, having casual online flirting that turned into sexting and Skype video chats.

It’s from someone called Veronica Sexy, whose profile indicates that it’s unlikely to be someone I’ve met and just forgotten about (as if I would): Just in case you can’t read that last bit, it reads: Reply to the message and immediately you’re asked to share your contact details (a la Skype.) I didn’t risk having Veronica spam all my friends (not sure how that would work, but I’ve got some nice people on my list, and I’d hate for them to be upset.) But I did reply to her message, and her responses were quick, and, dare I say it, felt a trifle automated: [ AM] Veronica sexy says: Hi are U busy? [ AM] Veronica sexy says: I would love to chat with you, come on [ AM] Jeremy Wagstaff says: no thanks [ AM] Veronica sexy says: I would love to chat with you, come on That was the last I head of Veronica, although her scent lingers on.

[ AM] Jeremy Wagstaff says: hi [ AM] Veronica sexy says: How are u ? The web address, by the way, is pretty much what you expect it will be — lots of alleged clips of ladies cavorting.

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An archiving policy gives you the ability to archive all IM sessions and conferences that take place between internal users; you can also archive sessions that take place between internal users and federated partners.

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