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At one time there were locations in Providence, Cranston, and East Providence, although only the last is still operating.The current owner is a fellow with the shocking moniker of Sparky Watts, who learned the weiner business from Jimmy Kanelos when he was in high school and college.He practiced this occupation at various locations (although mostly on Westminster Street), up until 1922.In 1917 he was alternatively listed as a "grocer" and in 1921 he apparently partnered with a fellow named Peter Vican in a pool parlor venture.It has been my honor and privilege to be part of the Kanelos family tradition, and I hope that my customers continue to support the best 'weinie joint' in the state of RI." Fork in the Rhode: One of the top ten weiners in Rhode Island (2011).Rhode Island Monthly's Best of Rhode Island: Underdog (2014).

On a July 2009 visit to Coney Island System we noticed a new item on the menu—"Air Dogs." Do they fly, you might ask?

Therefore, although SDA attempts to fulfill as many requests as possible, we cannot always fulfill all requests that we receive.

If you are a representative of an Arizona entity and are interested in requesting an appearance by Sparky, please review the policy below and fully complete the application that follows.

In 1925 a place called Coney Island System Lunch opened at 653 Westminster, and Coney Island Special, 678 Westminster, followed in 1926.

Now, we believe there's a connection between Kanelos and Coney Island Special. From 1902 to at least 1924 there was another Greek family, named Kanelakos, which was also engaged in the confectionery business, also at various Westminster Street addresses.

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