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In my two years of stripping, 99% of the clientele has been cisgender men, and after a while, they became easy to anticipate. It can be trickier to try to figure out someone feminine-presenting, especially if you come in with a mixed gender crowd.Are you here with your boyfriend, and would one of us going up and talking to you cause a jealous fight?So when you sit with a stripper, be mindful of what you’re bringing to the conversation, as well as the personal questions you ask of us that might border on invasive.

To make you feel good, desired, powerful, and affirmed.Just because you’re not a man, though, doesn’t mean you’re magically incapable of violating consent.Consent is for strippers too — and ASKING for consent is for everyone.In the inaugural post of Stripper Diaries, GO’s new column, we cover strip club etiquette for queer babes at the club.When you walk into a strip club, it may feel like you’re walking into a party hosted entirely by six foot tall goddesses with big hair and bigger personalities, all ready to turn their glittering smiles right in your direction to serve up all your secret fantasies.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about my job is that it is inherently degrading, and that I must not have much respect for myself for doing it.

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