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@ETHGlobal @Nu Cypher @raiden_network @Maker DAO @ensdomains pic.twitter.com/u You ZVL3Js Day 3 @ETHCape Town, where the teams have started presenting what they've done.

Going to be great to see what the Hackers have all built over the last couple of days.

Once you’re done, cover it with the model’s grill cover.

You can find the is perhaps not your dream portable grill, but they give it a shot with four caster wheels, two of which lock.

pic.twitter.com/cs HTguen PT Onboarding instructions to our Protea Gather Beta launch have been sent out and will continue to do so for all newcomers attending tomorrow night! Topics covered: 💰Co-ordination marketplaces 💻Curation markets & bonding curves 👩‍🔧Engineering parameters 🛠️Re-engineering incentives & system design 📈Augmented bonding curves youtu.be/w Dj4KXA_fd Q @Linum Labs @Molecule_to @Protea_io @Nu Cypher @Maker DAO @raiden_network @_brainbot @tl_protocol @ethstatus @Givethio @ensdomains @ethereum @UNICEFinnovate @eth Bounties @Fat Sak SA @Investec @Ujo Music @IKUnetwork @Lime Chain HQ @Taboo Key Net @akropolisio @Vitalik Buterin @The Real Kartik We're wrapping up @ETHCape Town with a bang (& an article)!

Since #ETHCape Town has officially come to an end, we're catching all the feels. #DTok a pay-as-you-go streaming platform won all possible prizes at #ethcapetown @ETHGlobal 🙌 🏆 WINNER ETHCape Town @ETHCape Town 🚀 WINNER ENS @ensdomains 👮‍♂️ WINNER Nu Cypher @Nu Cypher 💰 WINNER Maker DAO @Maker DAO ⚡️ WINNER Raiden @raiden_trust @Livepeer Org #Burner Wallet pic.twitter.com/e Leu FTd Pd I we won awards for @sebenz_ai from @Maker DAO , @Nu Cypher and @ETHGlobal at the @ETHCape Town hackathon this weekend!

protea.io/tegg @abridged_io @xdaichain💛 pic.twitter.com/kv19MS5i DX Berlin! 🤩 Protea is in town and we'll be attending @dappcon_berlin, @tegg_io, @ETHBerlin, @web3summit, @meta_cartel DEMO day and more! #BBW #proteagather #blockchain #tegg pic.twitter.com/i1QALdkda R Don't forget to sign up for this month's community call 📞 We're 1 week away!

Was a pleasure hacking with these wonderful people over the last few days.

#Snap and #Snapfunds will be coming soon to a defi space near you 👌👌👌 @Vonnie610 @Chris Maree__ @n3ocortex @ETHCape Town pic.twitter.com/Cf KUxw POd P The official @ethcapetown stats are in!

👥190 attendees 🇿🇦144 hackers (69% from South Africa) 🏆42% hackers new to #Ethereum 👩‍💻15% hackers were beginners 🔮33 projects submitted Shoutout to @ETHGlobal @Linum Labs @Nu Cypher @Maker DAO @raiden_network @ethereum pic.twitter.com/bj G7td Icm0 we are SUPER excited to have won awards from @Maker DAO, @Nu Cypher and @ETHGlobal at the @ETHCape Town hackathon this weekend! team presenting our @ETHCape Town $ETH hackathon solution: a skill-weighted consensus voice-to-text model for isi Xhosa powered by humans who earn money and skill by working from their smartphones 🇿🇦 pic.twitter.com/x8zd5T5Beh nutube.network short demo youtu.be/Tx-j0Tub Y7k Incentivized, decentralized livestream p2p network #BUIDL with @etherlime @ethersproject @raiden_network, @Kyber Network, @Maker DAO #DAI on @ETHCape Town #Crypto Maniacs = 🇿🇦We're going live at @ETHCape Town!

We are on a mission to create a million jobs in Africa and we are confident that blockchain will help us reach that goal! 🇿🇦 Tune into our live stream to watch the #ETHCape Town closing ceremony!

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