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It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with my husband, but I have to admit, those were some of the best days I’ve had.We loved grabbing lunch together all the time, hanging out after work and getting the chance to see each other any time we wanted during the day.It can even be a great place to get to know your future boyfriend or girlfriend, if you know how to handle things properly!Romantic relationships may be accompanied by some difficulties, but if the subject of your love is a coworker, then everything can get even more complicated.

The rules of other enterprises are more lenient – you are only required to inform the manager.It is imperative that you keep things professional, even if your dating relationship comes to an end.Make sure you are both prepared to handle a situation like that before you even go on a first date or you may both end up in an uncomfortable situation!It’s so easy to get completely absorbed by one another when you first start dating.They don’t call it the honeymoon phase for nothing!

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