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An XML syntax based on Rule ML and the OWL XML Presentation Syntax as well as an RDF concrete syntax based on the OWL RDF/XML exchange syntax are also given, along with several examples.

This is a member submission, offered by the National Research Council of Canada, Network Inference and Stanford University, on behalf of themselves and the authors, in association with the Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee (Joint Committee).

Announcements and current information may also be available on the DAML Rules page.

A snapshot of the issues list, archived at the time of this submission, is available.

Examples will thus often be given in an informal syntax.

This informal syntax will neither be given an exact syntax nor a mapping to any of the fully-specified syntaxes for SWRL.

Publication of acknowledged Member Submissions at the W3C site is one of the benefits of W3C Membership.See the W3C Intellectual Rights Notices and Disclaimers for additional information.This document contains a proposal for a Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) based on a combination of the OWL DL and OWL Lite sublanguages of the OWL Web Ontology Language with the Unary/Binary Datalog Rule ML sublanguages of the Rule Markup Language.The abstract syntax is specified here by means of a version of Extended BNF, very similar to the EBNF notation used for XML [].Terminals are quoted; non-terminals are bold and not quoted.

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SWRL includes a high-level abstract syntax for Horn-like rules in both the OWL DL and OWL Lite sublanguages of OWL.

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