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As a rough guide, one-off stumbles should be measured in months or years, not days or weeks.

Also, as a single woman dating a man who is fighting pornography, it is not your job to keep him accountable, and it is unwise and unfair for him to ask you to do it.

Acting as your trusted guide, the great variety of resources on this site are here to encourage you, challenge you, and walk by your side allowing you to grow closer to God and the amazing life He has for you.

I would love to get advice from a solid source for once. I have also been told that it is nearly impossible to overcome.

I am tired of being frustrated, confused and lied to about men, pornography and lust.

I am a college-aged girl dealing with the frustrations of dating.

If he is serious about fighting the sin and honoring you, he will be in regular accountability with a brother or brothers who know him well. Remember that as those who have been forgiven in Christ, we can never withhold forgiveness from another.

What if, as may well be the case, you are deep into a relationship, or even engaged, before you find out about the guy’s struggle? We are to forgive those who sin against us as Christ forgave us. Apart from forgiveness, however, your practical decision (made in consultation with a pastor or others whose wisdom and godliness you trust) about whether to move forward in the relationship should depend on factors like his level of victory over this particular sin, his commitment to the fight, and what you see in his character and godliness apart from this issue.

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