Truth about internet dating

If you really want to put yourself in a position to win, use our site to research anyone’s name and pull up their complete history, including social media profiles, contact details, and even criminal records, when available.

Our databases will create a full profile for you to view, and you’ll know right away if you've found your perfect match.

You may not spend hours developing a persona, but isn’t the purpose of the app to swipe left or right on profile pictures until you’re matched up with a potential winner?

This may sound like a wild concept, but a gaming company based in China is bringing a whole new meaning to the term “online dating” and producing it on a mass scale.

Picking someone up on the internet these days is as routine as grabbing a morning latte.Well, one of the major reasons that comes to mind is that the relationships and circumstances are highly dramatic.Love seems to be floating in the air at all times, and the characters involved are ultra-romanticized.Of course, we all want to be spoiled 24/7, but that comes at a price most people can’t afford (in many ways than one).Love to almost everyone is messy and complicated, and it takes patience to develop in a lasting way — does this game teach us that? It looks fun and decorated with sugary colors, and you know it’s going to taste great — but, sadly, it doesn’t truly benefit your health.

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Not only that, but simulations that favor a certain class of society will instill a belief that only a certain type of person is dateable.

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  1. Those who feel greater certainty that a prospective romantic partner reciprocates their interest will put more effort into seeing that person again, while rating the possible date as more sexually attractive than they would if they were less certain about the prospective date's romantic intentions.

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