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” Below is a list of awesome, thrilling and entertaining TV shows that will show you how our culture perceives pregnancy, birth and motherhood!RELATED: 20 TV Pregnancies So Impossible To Hide, They Were Just Written Into The Show You must have heard the incredible stories of women who did not know that they were pregnant until the labor pains kick in or a few days prior to birth.That title belongs to Siddiq, who we learn this week “had some fun” with Rosita before she began dating Gabriel, resulting in Rosita’s pregnancy and a bout of morning sickness at an inopportune time (namely, as Eugene is professing his undying love for her).

The show is not as serious and will be great for you when all you need is to unwind and relax your mind over a good laugh.

Judith is now nine years old, but Lori died while giving birth to her.

Maggie Rhee was also pregnant for many, many, many seasons on before finally giving birth during the first time jump in the ninth season.

Just like any other reality TV show, there is a huge serving of drama; baby daddy issues, emotional upheavals, and all the other drama you can expect from a show with teens going through such a life-changing experience.

This show will give you perspective into the financial, physical, psychological and social issues that pregnant teens have to put up with.

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