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I mean, it wouldn't be so easy to filter out these people though, but three cheers for reality? Almost as complicated as Kirk's award-winning personality.

star was spotted cozying up to a mystery blonde woman (see the pics HERE) at the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London, England checking out musical acts including The Black Eyed Peas, and each other!! While the 23-year-old assures us he and the Disney alum are just friends, Holland noted to “He’s a great dude. This past how[ever] many months we’ve had to do press tours together.

He may or may not work at a barbershop or microbrewery judging by his haircut, beard, and terrible tattoos. If his profile picture doesn't make you swoon, his criteria for dating him might just do it. To avoid sounding biased (I clearly am not, duh) I'll let Twitter bring the comedy.

His main selling points are his apparent racism, his German shepherd dog, and the fact that he only goes to the bathroom to take shirtless selfies. READ ALSO: Instagrammer Has Huge Meltdown After Her Account Is Shut Down Kirk has three rules that you must follow to get with him. As a dude, I feel bad that dudes like this still exist in 2019.

But why did they rewrite bits that didn’t need changing & why didn’t they get Jeremy Irons to be Scar? Also couldn’t stop thinking about this…

She’s the vicious one, not me, and frankly I think I was pretty restrained!

Yes, Lord Sugar has made diverse comments, but you have to live in the present time. Boris did do wrong, but now is the only one to achieve the best result for the UK.

Although Twitter doesn't release official numbers, a report from 2015 claimed out of 150,000 checkmarked profiles, 25 percent belonged to journalists and media personalities.Should you message first based off your horoscope: ♈️ ARIES: Yes ♉️ TAURUS: Yes ♊️ GEMINI: Yes ♋️ CANCER: Yes ♌️ LEO: They’re probably gonna message you first tbh ♍️ VIRGO: Yes ♎️ LIBRA: Yes ♏️ SCORPIO: Yes ♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Yes ♑️ CAPRICORN: Yes ♒️ AQUARIUS: Yes ♓️ PISCES: Yes Your inbox when you have a cute puppy in your profile pic: Is that your puppy?! If a person has so many friends standing up to support them, it could just be because people actually like them. I’m sorry if you think my tone is unpleasant, but don’t I have a right to respond to someone who, literally just above, has, completely out of the blue, subtweeted calling me a ‘twat’ and a ‘bully’? No, these are called ‘nice people’, ‘kind’, and ‘friends’. Also imagine thinking that if people come out to support you, they are ‘sycophants’.

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And that was before the platform opened up verification applications to everyone.

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