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As Australia gets set to celebrate UNESCO’s International Jazz Day at the end of April, Elite Singles’ dedicated research team decided to ' Take Five' and get familiar with the country’s musical tastes.

On the back of surveying over 500 Aussie singles registered with our dating site, many of whom are fully fledged music lovers, here are the good vibrations emanating from the ‘land down under’.

We both couldn’t be happier and have smiles on our faces each and every day!Festivals were another topic we were eager to explore.The majority of Aussie singles, 58% to be precise, said that camping at a music festival would be an experience they’d enjoy sharing with their partner.We both love music, so are off to lots of festivals later in the summer.""We have now been together for nearly four months.Our love for each other has grown daily and after a wonderful summer we have set up home together.

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