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which is unsurprisingly when you think how much £9,000 can get you.According to Lara, "90 per cent" of coupled up singletons reach their "third date or beyond".However, once they've made the financial investment in their love life, the country's most exclusive singletons won't have to lift a finger in the dating game.Along with their dedicated matchmaker who works tirelessly to couple them up within six months, a typical Asprey Introductions client also has their dates planned on their behalf.And – here’s the crunch – it costs between £10,000 and £50,000 to join.

Turns out, these singletons are serious when it comes to finding love...From a round-the-clock matchmaker to breathtakingly beautiful first date locations, we can assure you that Lara's exclusive dating agency Asprey Introductions is so much more than Allowing cameras to go behind the scenes of the company's South-West London headquarters, the Ultimate Matchmaker will follow countless singletons on their quest for love.Because while Asprey Introductions' clients aren't short on cash, they need a little helping hand when it comes to tracking down The One.The exclusive agency has even helped everyone from Prince Charles' polo-playing pals to world-famous fashion models find someone special.

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  1. He did nothing to assuage this feeling and so I admit that I exacerbated the situation – when you are so incredibly busy you have to make the time for things like exercise and sex, it’s all too easy to let it slip.